Drawing on his early background as a still photographer and journalist, DANNY MAUGHON brings his unique acumen of an ever-present eye for both beauty and purpose in scouting locations

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Recent FILM work includes, LET'S BE COPS (20th Century Fox)

LAST VEGAS (CBS Films) and 

IDENTITY THiEF (Universal) .

The long film resume also includes Oscar® winning pix like  MY COUSIN VINNY where he introduced Director Jonathan Lynn to the Southern culture of small town courtrooms, hot Georgia asphalt , and random roadside attractions while scouting with him.

His production past  also includes varied projects for tv commercial clients like Rooms to Go and Cindy Crawford where they sought  both urban and classic antebellum mansions.  

Additional feature, commercial, print & music video clients have included The Blind Side, Ridley Scott Associates ( RSA ),The Rolling Stones, James Brown, OutKast, Cee Lo Green, Bush, The Black Crowes, Indigo Girls, 20th Century Fox, New Line Cinema,MGM,PBS, There Goes The Neighborhood, America’s Most Wanted, Blue Collar TV, In the Heat of the Night, American Eagle Outfitters, NIKE, ...to mention...JUST a FEW . 

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 His personality and adept communication skills have been helpful in connecting his clients with distinctive and desired locations through both private and governmental channels. 

RANDOM EXAMPLES from his more than 300 combined TV, feature film, commercial and print productions are located HERE.  

Resume & references of past productions are available upon your request via email inquiry.

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